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Payment Plan Information

Payment Plan (Only available during Fall & Spring Semesters)

To help you meet your education expenses, University of Montevallo is pleased to offer Nelnet Business Solutions as a convenient budget plan for current term charges only. It is not a loan; therefore, you have no debt, no interest or finance charges that are assessed, and there is no credit check. The cost to budget monthly payments is a $45 per semester nonrefundable enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is automatically deducted from your account at the time you sign up.

The tuition payment is automatically deducted on the 5th of each month from a checking or savings account. You may also have your payment charged to your credit/debit card. If you elect to use your credit card, only Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card may be used. Please note: Debit cards may be returned unpaid due to daily limit restrictions imposed by your bank.

If your payment on the 5th is not successful, it will be reattempted on the 20th of the month. Anytime a payment is returned, you will receive notification on how the returned payment will be handled. Your agreement will be processed until the balance owed is paid in full. For each returned payment, you will be assessed a $30 returned payment fee. Please note, your financial institution may also assess you a fee. Returned payment fees are automatically deducted from the account you have provided. If your returned payment fee is returned, it will be reattempted. Returned payment fees are payable to Nelnet Business Solutions/FACTS. It is very important that payment plans stay up to date with monthly payments received. Payment plans can be reviewed at anytime and if payments are habitually returned a students schedule could be subject to being dropped for non-payment.

Students who may have already participated in the payment plan, please remember, you must re-enroll each term. The payment plan does NOT automatically roll to the next term. 

Simple Steps to Enroll

  • To enroll, please log into Banner Self Service, click on Student, Student Account, and Set up Payment Plan.
  • You will then see the withdrawal policy for UM.
  • Once selecting the box to acknowledge you have read the withdrawal policy – click next.
  • You may then choose to accept or decline Grad Guard(tuition insurance).

o    Declining – Will prompt you back to your student profile on the Nelnet site to sign up for a payment plan as normal.

o    Accepting –  Will request payment information from Grad Guard. After completing the requested information with Grad Guard you will be sent back to your student profile on the Nelnet site to proceed sign up for a payment plan. You (the student) will also receive an email receipt for signing up for Grad Guard.

**Please note if you enter an incorrect amount, or if a scholarship or aid does not credit to the student’s account as expected, your monthly payments may increase. Please watch your account to ensure that all financial aid loans, scholarships, etc. credits properly.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the E-Cashier link. You will be directed to the E-Cashier/MyFACTS website. Enter your student ID (UM assigned ID) to begin. Please note this is a secure website.

Information is shared between UM and e-cashier monthly to update account balances. If the account balance changes prior to monthly update between UM and e-cashier, subsequent payments will be recalculated to reflect even payments for the remaining balance due.  Please do not assume your balance will automatically be adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped or added. You should review your agreement balance online through or call the University of Montevallo Office of Student Accounts at 205.665.6065 to confirm the change. If you have questions related to E-Cashier, please contact them at 1-800-609-8056 or the UM Office of Student Accounts at 205-665-6065.

Two or more returned payments on a payment plan will result in termination of the payment plan.  Payment in full will be due immediately to the Office of Student Accounts.

To view a tutorial video by eCashier on how to set up a payment plan, click here.

Fall 2024

Payment plan available on June 1, 2024.

Enrollment Dates Required down
# of Payments Months of Payments
June 1-July 2, 2024 none 5 July-November
July 3-Aug. 1, 2024 none 4 August-November
Aug. 2-26, 2024 20% 3 September-November
Aug. 27-Sept. 8,2024 40% 2 October and November

NOTE: The down payment and enrollment fee will process at the time the payment plan is submitted. You may also visit for additional information.