Other Charges

2021-2022 Fees

2021-2022 Fees

New Student Fees

Undergraduate Application Fee $35.00
Graduate Application Fee $30.00
Freshman Orientation Fee $85.00
Enrollment Deposit (applied to tuition) – Assessed to newly admitted undergraduate students $100.00

 Academic Year/Semester Fees

Audit Tuition (per credit hour) $25.00
Dual Enrollment (per credit hour) $175.00
Optional Health Services Fee – Enrolled Graduate Students or Summer Access for Continuing Students (per semester) $90.00

Per Occurrence Fees

Partial Payment Plan Fee $40.00
Return Check Fee $35.00
Student ID Card Replacement $10.00
Counseling Education-MAT/ACT Prep $80.00
Counseling Education-Practicum Application $50.00
Transcript Fee (Former Students and Alumni) $10.00
Duplicate Diploma $35.00

 Housing Fees

Housing Deposit $100.00
Fridge Energy Fee (per semester – fall/spring +$5 for late request) $15.00
Fridge Energy Fee (per academic year – +$5 for late request) $25.00
Microwave Energy Fee (per semester – fall/spring – PECK ONLY) $15.00
Microwave Energy Fee (per academic year – PECK ONLY) $25.00
Lock Change Fee – New Hall $150.00
Lock Change Fee – Other Halls $75.00
Health/Safety Violation – 1st Occurrence $25.00
Health/Safety Violation – Additional Occurrence Varies
Move Out Cleaning Fine (per occurrence) $50.00
Improper Trash Disposal Fine (per occurrence) $50.00
Holiday Check-Out Violation Fine (per occurrence) $25.00
Unauthorized Room Change Fine (per day) $25.00
Micro-Fridge Damage/Cleaning Fees (see Residence Hall Handbook for details) $5.00 to $50.00
Micro-Fridge Rentals (per academic year) $200.00
Cancellation Fee (see Residence Hall Handbook for details) $500.00
Greek Chapter Room Fees Varies

Parking Fees

Parking Decal (per academic year) $35.00
Parking in Fire Lanes or Spaces for Drivers with Disabilities $50.00
Other Parking Violations/Fines $25.00
Seat Belt Violation $15.00
Other Traffic Violations/Fines $50.00