Title IX and Sexual Harassment

Title IX Personnel Training Materials

The University is required to post all the training materials of all Title IX personnel on our website. The trainings below are the materials used to train our Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-Makers, and anyone who facilitates our Informal Resolution process.

Title IX Training Materials

ATIXA Title IX Coordinator Two: Additional Topics for New & Seasoned Coordinators

ATIXA Title IX Coordinator One: Foundations

ATIX Civil Rights Investigator Two

ATIXA Civil Rights Investigator One: Foundations

ATIXA Title IX Hearing Officer & Decision Maker

ATIXA Title IX Hearing Chairs

Office for Civil Rights: An Introduction to the New Title IX Regulations

ATIXA Ten Things to Know About the New Title IX Regulations

ATIXA 2020 Title IX Regulations Overview: Commitment Beyond Compliance for Colleges and Universities

ATIXA Hearing Panels and Decision-Makers

ATIXA SPOO or Not SPOO? That is the Question

ICS Higher Education Virtual Certified Title IX Coordinator Training

ICS Title IX Investigator Level 1

ICS Title IX Decision-Maker Level 1

Thompson Coburn LLP An Introduction to Managing Title IX Sexual Harassment on Campus

Thompson Coburn LLP Formal Complaints of Title IX Sexual Harassment

Thompson Coburn LLP Title IX Investigations & Informal Resolutions

Thompson Coburn LLP Title IX Hearings

Thompson Coburn LLP Title IX Determinations

Thompson Coburn LLP Title IX Appeals

Scope of Education Program/Activity and Definition of Sexual Harassment

Investigation/Grievance Process and Informal Resolutions

How to Serve Impartially

Relevant Evidence and Questions

Title IX Advisor Training

Grand River Solutions Understanding Bias in Emergency Actions

Grand River Solutions Reducing Bias in Investigations

Grand River Solutions Mitigating Bias in Hearings