Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Committee Charge

The charge of the IE Committee is to assist in the coordination of assessment activities; represent and coordinate with academic and support departments on assessment policies and procedures; monitor use of department, office, and institutional-level assessment results for programmatic improvements; review UM’s Guide to Planning and Assessment; provide periodic feedback to departments, offices and the institution on assessment activities and results.

Committee Member Term Term # Position
Tiffany Bunt 23-26 1 Director Alumni Affairs, co-chair
Tiffany Wang 23-26 1 COFA, co-chair
Betsy Richardson 22-25 1 CAS
James Montgomery 23-26 1 COB
Connie Couch 23-26 1 CEHD
Carey Heatherly 22-25 1 Library
Janna Sutherland 22-25 1 Staff, Counseling Services
Tenika Kidd 22-25 1 Staff, Business Affairs
Jenny Bell 22-25 1 Staff, Student Affairs
Donna Ploessl 22-25 1 Deans’ Council
Clark Hultquist 21-24 1 Chair, CAS
Jerome Dean NA NA Director of IRPA, ex officio
Emily Gill NA NA Director of the Malone Center, ex officio
Amanda Fox NA NA Registrar, ex officio
Kristen Gilbert NA NA SACSCOC Liaison, ex-officio
Courtney Bentley NA NA Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, ex officio
Randi Tubbs NA NA Director, Falcon Success Center, ex officio
Michael LeBeau NA NA Director, Career Development Center, ex officio
Sasha Doyle 23-24 NA Student, SGA representative