IS&T Policies and Procedures

Software Purchase and Download

Software Purchase/Download 

Due to changes in requirements and policies, the procedure for requesting software has changed.  All software purchases and renewals, including web-based software and/or downloads must be approved through Information Services & Technology (IS&T) and Business Affairs to ensure that they meet state and federal requirements as well as security guidelines. This includes freeware and website subscriptions.

To request approval to purchase or download software, please submit the Software Form below.

Software Form

Please note that requests for new software can take 4 to 6 weeks due to licensing and purchasing requirements.  If the software is being requested for installation on an academic space computer, please submit your request by the dates below.

Fall Semester Requests: July 1st
Spring Semester Requests: November 1st
Summer Semester Requests: March 1st

Submitting your software request by or before the dates above does not guarantee approval. Once the Software Request Form is  submitted, it will move through the automated workflow and approval process. Once approved a Solution Center ticket is created and the user is notified.

Apple App

If the software is Apple App to be used exclusively on an iPad, you do not need to complete the Software Request Form.  Please complete the Apple App Request Form below.

Apple App Request Form

Below you will find information regarding the required documentation for software.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

Software or website subscription vendors must provide a VPAT demonstrating ADA compliance. This is required to meet Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requirements as well as the university’s agreement with the Office of Civil Rights. A completed VPAT must be uploaded when submitting the Software Request Form.  A blank VPAT and instructions for completing the VPAT may be accessed from the link below.

Section 508 VPAT Template

Contract, Licensing Agreement and/or Terms and Conditions of Use

A contract, licensing agreement or terms and conditions are required and must be approved by the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs. The University of Montevallo Contract/Terms and Conditions Stipulations contains information regarding what the university may not agree to and the legal cites. This document may be sent to vendors when requesting terms or licensing agreement. A contract, licensing agreement or terms and conditions must be uploaded when submitting the Software Agreement Form. The document may be accessed from the link below.

UM Contract Stipulations

Data Collected

If the software collects sensitive or confidential information, additional documentation may be required to ensure that this data is protected under the Data Governance policy. If the software collects Academic data protected under FERPA, a FERPA addendum is required of the vendor. A blank form may be accessed from the link below.

FERPA Addendum

If other types of data are collected, an SSAE16 or equivalent may be required.


Software costing $7,500 or more, requires a Project Intake form to be submitted and may require more project related documentation.

Technician Hours

Software that will require more than 40 technician hours, requires a Project Intake Form to be submitted and will require collaboration with Senior Project Manager or other IS&T staff.

To submit a request for a new project, please see information and form on the IS&T Projects page,