Technology Advisory Council

TAC Membership


22/23 TAC Representation Areas 22/23 Members Position Held
Dean’s Council Steve Peters
Faculty Senate George Lytle
Faculty, CAS Brendan Beal Co-Chair, TAC
Faculty, CFA Marcus Lane
Faculty, COB Shafqat Shad
Faculty, COE Cassie Raulston
Faculty, Library Sheila Brandt Chair, Operations Committee
Staff Senate Alyssa Luna Green
Staff, Academic Affairs Amanda Fox
Staff, IRPA Jerome Dean
Staff, Advancement and External Affairs Wesley Hallman Chair, Communication Committee
Staff, Athletics Wyatt Hall
Staff, Business Affairs Alicia Smith
Staff, Enrollment and Student Affairs Josh Miller Co-Chair, TAC
Staff, IS&T Kathy Adams Chair, Projects and Planning Committee
Staff, Physical Plant Tim Nash
Student, Residential Abbie Clark
Student, SGA rep Jordan Dacus
y – ex officio, CIO, non-voting Joe Walsh
y – ex officio, Assistant Director, Malone Center Barbara Ann Lewis Chair, Academic Support Committee
y- ex officio, Director, DSS Director Tomeiko Scott