Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee Roster and Charge

Jerome Dean

Director of IRPA, ex officio, & Co-Chair
Ray Ozley CFA Communication Department Chair & Co-Chair
Amanda Fox Registrar, ex officio
Steve Peters Deans Council Rep.
Courtney Bentley Provost & VP for Academic Affairs, ex officio
Susan Hayes CFO & Treasurer, ex officio
Tammi Dahle VP for Enrollment and Student Affairs/Dean of Students, ex officio
Scott Dillard VP for Advancement and External Affairs, ex officio
Mark Richard Director of Athletics, ex officio
Kristen Gilbert Assistant Provost/SACSCOC Liaison, ex officio, and Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum and Standards Committee
Steven Boydstun Director of Contracts, Purchasing and Legal, ex officio
Gregory Samuels Advisor to the President for Minority Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer, ex officio
Misty Bennett Chair, Council of Department Chairs, ex officio
Coty Jones Director of Physical Plant, ex officio
Audrey Crawford Director of Admissions, ex officio
Stephanie Shaw President, National Alumni Association, ex officio
Jim Murphy CAS Faculty Representative
Carolyn Garrity SCOB Faculty Representative, SCOB department Chair
Robert Herron CEHD Faculty Representative
Kelly Wacker CFA Faculty Representative
Charlotte Ford Library Faculty Representative
Catherine Walsh Faculty Senate President, ex officio
Aaron Mahaney Staff Senate President, ex officio
Colton Rodano SGA President, ex officio
Kristy Lee VP for Administration, Liaison for the BOT, ex officio, and non-voting recorder for the committee
Joe Walsh CIO, ex officio


Charge of the Committee

As set forth in the Strategic Plan Policy, the charge of the committee is to:

  • review of the university mission and vision statements; and
  • oversee the strategic planning process including development of a 5-year strategic plan and a cycle for implementation.

In addition, to facilitate an effective implementation of the strategic plan, following approval by the Board of Trustees of the 5-year strategic plan, the full Committee will typically meet twice annually to review the annual status and the results of annual assessment efforts. An Executive Committee consisting of the Provost, Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Assistant Provost, Director of Institutional Planning and Assessment, and two other members elected by the full Committee, will meet more frequently in order to fulfill the Committees responsibilities.