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Health Professions Post-Graduate Study

Graduate/Professional School Acceptance Rates

Health Professions

The majority of UM students interested in the Health Professions seek acceptance to Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy programs at public institutions within the state. These students must further their education in graduate or professional school in order to pursue their chosen career, therefore, the Biology, Chemistry, and Math Department (BCM) tracks post-baccalaureate placement rates to these programs.

  • Goal – Since 2004, 84% of all students who applied to one of these programs were accepted. The BCM department set a goal to increase the average acceptance rate goal across 5 years to above 87%. Since 2016, 44 students applied and 39 were accepted, which exceeds the 87% goal.
  • Thresholds of Accessibility:
    • Medical School – 70%
    • Dental School – 55%
    • Pharmacy School – 80%
    • Overall – 60%
  • Actual Outcomes: