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UM Post Office (Students/Faculty/Staff)

Trudy Crowson | University Mail Services Coordinator | (205) 665-6571 |

Building: Farmer Hall

Window Hours: M-F 7:00AM-3:30PM

Phone: (205) 665-6571

The Student Post Office is located in Farmer Hall and handles all student mail and packages. Mail is brought to the student post office from USPS every morning and sorted into individual mail boxes. Packages are signed in, and the student is called or a card, is placed into their mail box for pick up. The Post Office also sells stamps for the students’ convenience.

UM Post Office also handles Faculty and Staff mail. All iIncoming mail is picked up every morning from the U.S. Postal Service, sorted, and distributed to departmental mailboxes. Departmental mail is be picked up from these inboxes, and outgoing USPS and hand mail is brought to the mail room by each department. All outgoing mail is processed and delivered to the U.S. Postal Service at 3:00 pm every day. UPS and freight shipments are prepared daily. No personal mailing may be charged to a university account.

Official UM packages will be received at and delivered by Central Receiving to the appropriate department on campus. All outgoing packages must be delivered to Central Receiving, boxed and ready to ship. Central Receiving will create a shipping label unless one has already been provided. No personal packages are to be delivered to or shipped from campus.

Central Receiving Department

The Central Receiving Department is responsible for all shipments coming onto the campus. Materials are received here and delivered to the appropriate departments. Central Receiving warehouses a large variety of supplies that are used by the Physical Plant Division to repair and maintain campus buildings as necessary.

Andrea Northen | Warehouse Foreman | (205) 665-6132 |

Roni Thomas | Central Receiving Assistant Manager | (205) 665-6143 |

LaVenta Young | Central Receiving Manager | (205) 665-6146 |