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December 8, 2020: Everlywell COVID-19 Self Test Kit Instructions

Re-entry testing is a requirement for students who will be on campus during the spring 2021 semester. Students who choose to be completely online and who will not be living on campus or using campus facilities (dining, recreation, library, etc.) will not be tested.

See below for information about how to utilize the Everlywell self-administered COVID-19 test kits.

Step 1: Open the test kit and locate the shipping label to see which carrier (FedEx or UPS) you will use to ship your test sample back for processing. Be sure to collect and ship your sample on the SAME DAY. We recommend collecting your sample in the morning so that you have plenty of time to drop it off with the carrier before the last pick up of the day.

Step 3: Register your test kit at using your UM email address and the unique Kit ID included with your test kit.

Step 4: Fill out the included device label with your name, date of birth, and the date you collect your sample (please print neatly). Once filled out, place the device label on the collection tube.

Step 5: There will be liquid in the collection tube, DO NOT pour this out!

Step 6: Disinfect the surface where you’re going to be collecting your sample, blow your nose, and wash your hands thoroughly. Once you’ve done that you are ready to collect your sample.

Step 7: Open the collection swab approximately halfway, grab the handle end on the opposite end of the swab tip and remove it from the package.

Step 8: To collect the sample, tilt your head back slightly and insert the swab tip into one side of your nose. The swab tip needs to be inserted about an inch into one nostril.

Step 9: Rotate the swab around the entire inside of the nostril 3 times. After swabbing one nostril repeat the process on the other side.

Step 10: Carefully open the collection tube making sure not to spill the liquid inside and place the swab tip down into the collection tube. After placing the swab into the collection tube break off the handle at the perforation and tightly seal the collection tube.

Step 11: Place the collection tube into the biohazard bag along with the small pad included to absorb any leaks and make sure that the bag is tightly sealed. After tightly sealing the collection tube in the biohazard bag, wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 12: Assemble the enclosed shipping box. Pop open the box, fold down the little tabs on the sides, fold down the larger side, then fold down the pointed end.

Step 13: Place the sealed biohazard bag into the box and then repeat Step 12 to close the other end of the box.

Step 14: With clean hands, place the box into the mailer bag, and seal the mailer. After sealing the mailer, place the prepaid shipping label on the mailer bag. Take the provided alcohol prep wipe and disinfect the mailer while avoiding the shipping label.

Step 15: Drop the mailer bag off at your carrier(FedEx or UPS) drop box. Be sure to collect and ship your sample on the SAME DAY. We recommend collecting your sample in the morning so that you have plenty of time to drop it off with the carrier, before the last pick up of the day.

IMPORTANT: We can only process your sample if you:

─ Register your kit

─ Fill out the ID sticker and affix to your sample tube

─ Put the swab in the tube with liquid and seal tube in the biohazard bag

─ Mail your sample on the same day you collect

─ Mail your sample on a weekday (Monday-Friday only)

─ Use a drop box location only (before the last pickup of the day)

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