Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences

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Our Faculty

The Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences prides itself with a well-qualified, full-time staff with twenty-one of twenty-two faculty with doctoral degrees. Three faculty members  (Day, Newell, and Richardson) have been named our “University Scholar” and five others have earned UM’s National Alumni Association Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award (Drs. Barone, Day, Hultquist, Newell and Truss).

Environmental Studies Adjunct Faculty

Mr. Kyle Crider
Instructor of Environmental Studies
M.P.A., University of Alabama at Birmingham
Courses: Environment and Society

Geography Adjunct Faculty

Ms. Mackenzie Coan
Instructor of Geography
M.S., Auburn University
Courses: World Regional Geography, Physical Geography, Alabama Landscapes

History Faculty

Dr. Robert W. Barone
Professor of History
Ph.D., Ohio State University
(205) 665-6181 Fallin Hall 331
Courses: England, Renaissance and Reformation, Medieval European

Dr. James S. Day
Professor of History; Department Chair
Ph.D., Auburn University
(205) 665-6117 Fallin Hall 211
Courses: United States, Technology, Southern, Military

Dr. Wilson Fallin, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of History
Ph.D., University of Alabama

Dr. Clark Hultquist
Professor of History
Ph.D., Ohio State University
(205) 665-6188 Fallin Hall 215
Courses: Modern Europe, France, The Holocaust, Modern Japan, Environmental History

Dr. Ruth Truss
Professor of History; Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Ph.D., University of Alabama
(205) 665-6508 Ramsay Hall 121
Courses: United States, Military, Alabama, Southern, Diplomatic

Blake Hudson and Scott Turner

BSS Distinguished Alumni Award Winner, 2023, Blake Hudson, Dean, Cumberland School of Law, Samford University and Scott Turner

History Adjunct Faculty

Mr. Scott Ellison
Instructor of History
M.A., University of Montevallo
Courses: World Civilizations I and II

Mr. William “Bill” Carmichael
Instructor of History
M. Ed., University of Montevallo
Courses: World Civilizations I and II

Mr. Ryan Tullock
Instructor of History
M.A., History, East Tennessee State University, MA, History, University of Alabama,
MDiv, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University
Courses: World Civilizations I and II


Dr. Hultquist presents at the Faculty Research Symposium as Dr. Day listens.

Political Science Faculty

Dr. Carl Doerfler
Associate Professor of Political Science
Ph.D., Texas A & M University
(205) 665-6178 Fallin Hall 329
Courses: Public Policy, American Government, Constitutional Law, Research Methods

Dr. Andrea Eckelman
Associate Professor of Political Science
Ph.D., University of Houston
(205) 665-6189 Fallin Hall 213
Courses: Public Policy, Public Administration, Identity Politics, Gender in World Politics, Women in Politics, Morality Politics

Dr. Scott Turner
Professor of Political Science
Ph.D., University of Georgia
(205) 665-6199 Fallin Hall 330
Courses: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, Model UN, Capstone/Senior Seminar, World Politics, Political Film

Dr. Eckelman, victor in the Life Raft Debate, with Dr. Beal (SWK)


Dr. Turner presents BSS Alumnus Award to Dr. Steve Condrey.

Psychology Faculty

Dr. Kristen Gilbert
Professor of Psychology; Assistant Provost for Assessment and Accreditation/SACSCOC Liaison
Ph.D., University of Memphis
(205) 665-6445 Humanities Hall 301-B
Courses: Cognitive, Senior Seminar in the History of Psychology

Dr. Rachel Jubran
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., University of Kentucky
(205) 665-6435 Fallin Hall 212 Courses:  Foundations, Lifespan Development, History of Psychology, Diverse Family Systems, Psychology in Media, Psychology of Death, and Psychology of Human Sexuality

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Richardson
Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., University of Alabama Birmingham
(205) 665-6446 Fallin Hall 327
Courses:  Foundations, Forensic Psychology, Psychology of Pain, Psychopathology, and Biological Psychology

Dr. Melissa Shepherd
Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., Florida State University
(205) 665-6447 Fallin Hall 326
Courses: Psychology of Personality and Intimate Relationships, Social Psychology, Descriptive Statistics, Research Methods, Health Psychology

Drs. Beal (SWK), Eckelman (POS), and Shepherd (PSYC)

Dr. Jubran and students

Social Work Faculty

Dr. Brendan Beal
Associate Professor of Social Work
Ph.D., University of Georgia
(205) 665-6193 Fallin Hall 203-A
Courses: Research in Social Welfare, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Social Work Practice with Groups

Ms. Johnna Matthews
Clinical Instructor of Social Work
M.S.W., University of Alabama
(205) 665-6185 Fallin Hall 312
Courses: Skills for Social Work Practice, Practicum, Seminar

Dr. Jason Newell
Professor; Director of the Social Work Program
Ph.D., University of Alabama
(205) 665-6184 Fallin Hall 304
Courses: Research, Mental Health; Social Welfare, Individuals and Families, Practice

Dr. Meredith Tetloff
Associate Professor of Social Work
Ph.D., University of Georgia
(205) 665-6190 Fallin Hall 306
Courses: Substance Abuse, Social Work Practice, Social Policy

Social Work Faculty: Dr. Jason Newell, Ms. Johnna Matthews, Dr. Meredith Tetloff, and Dr. Brendan Beal



Drs. Newell and Hultquist


Sociology Faculty

Dr. Christopher Bounds
Associate Professor of Sociology; Criminology Concentration Coordinator
Ph.D., Mississippi State University
(205) 665-6192 Fallin Hall 203-B
Courses: Life Course Criminology, Substance Use, Desistance from Crime

Dr. Deb Lowry
Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Michigan State University
(205) 665-6182 Fallin Hall 214
Courses: Social Problems, Aging & the Life Course, Social Change, Environmental Sociology, Contemporary Chinese Society, Sociology Capstone

Jim Day, 2019 recipient of the University of Montevallo National Alumni Association Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award

Dr. Day and BSS Alumni

Dr. Day and BSS Alumni, Terry Hughston, J.D. Ard, and Olivia Ard


Ms. Hayley Roberts
Administrative Assistant II
B.S., University of Montevallo
(205) 665-6180 Fallin Hall 210


BSS faculty at Homecoming reception