English Graduate Programs


The English Department offers the Master of Arts, courses for the Language-Arts concentration in the M.Ed. in Secondary Education, and joint M.A./M.Ed. programs in English & education. Our graduate programs in English prepare students to develop publishable research and writing for literary scholarship, creative writing, professional writing, and applied humanities.

In addition to meeting the University’s minimum standards for enrollment in the graduate program, the top applicants will hold a B.A. in English (or equivalent credit hours) and will submit two satisfactory letters of reference from current or past professors (or others familiar with the applicant’s scholarly potential).

If the student has a degree in a field other than English, he or she will be asked to enroll in a three-course sequence (12 credit hours) of the departmental survey of Literature in English before continuing on to the 30 hours of coursework required by the program.

Graduate Programs

English M.A.English and Education M.A./M.Ed.