Assessment of Student Learning

Student Response Tools


Student Response Tools

The tools below can be used to collect student responses and feedback in a variety of formats in synchronous and asynchronous environments.
IP means in progress, purple button with gold check means approved, gold button purple check with asterisk means approved with exceptions

Answer Garden is a free web-based tool that can be used to instantly collect short (up to 40 characters), text-based feedback from students.

Answer Garden HelpSheet

EDpuzzle allows users to crop streaming videos, add an audio track or audio notes and embed questions and comments within the video.

EDPuzzle HelpSheet

Jeopardy-style review games can be a fun way to increase student engagement, review concepts and conduct formative assessment. FlipQuiz and Factile both offer text-based questions and answers with a free account.

Factile HelpSheet

Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a web-based tool used to create video-based discussion boards. Instructors post a question or prompt, and students respond by posting a video response.
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GoSoapBox is a web-based classroom response system. It enables instructors to create “Events” that can include polls, quizzes, discussions, confusion barometer, and social Q&A. A higher education account is free for educators but is limited to classes with up to 30 students.

GoSoapBox HelpSheet

Kahoot is a game-based classroom student response website that encourages student engagement and motivation with competition, bright graphics, fast-paced action, and music. Students answer questions and compete for points based on response time and correct answers.

Kahoot HelpSheet

Mentimeter is a web-based voting/polling tool that can also be used to present course content. The free education account has a limit of two question slides, five quiz slides per presentation, and a maximum of 50 student responses per month. The number of content slides in a presentation is unlimited.

Mentimeter HelpSheet

Microsoft Forms, part of the Office 365 suite of tools, can be used to create customized quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and other forms. Forms enable users to collect feedback, gather, visualize, and analyze data, and measure student knowledge and understanding.

Microsoft Forms HelpSheet

Padlet is a web-based virtual wall or online bulletin board that allows teachers and students to post thoughts or responses to a topic. Posts can include text, images, websites, and videos. A Padlet can also be presented as a slideshow.

Padlet HelpSheet

Poll Everywhere is a web-based voting/polling tool for collecting student responses. Polls can be multiple choice, true/false, open-ended, a clickable image and Q&A/brainstorming. With the free Higher-Ed version of Poll Everywhere, users are limited to 40 responses per poll question.

Poll Everywhere HelpSheet

Quizziz is a game-based student response website. Students compete for points based on response time and correct answers. Unlike Kahoot, a Quizziz quiz can be self-paced, and students view questions and answers on their devices.

Quizziz HelpSheet

The Scantron Score Machine is used by faculty to quickly score objective tests (multiple choice, true/false, matching). An instructor would create a test key by marking the correct answers on a Scantron form. Students must use a Scantron form to mark their answers. When scored, incorrect answers will be indicated on the student form. The total number of correct answers and percentage correct and can be printed on student tests.

Scantron Score HelpSheet

Socrative is a formative assessment tool that enables instructors to create online quizzes for classroom use. Instructors can also administer on-the-spot quick questions and exit tickets.
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This is a comparison of all student response tools included in the Malone Center Instructional Technology Toolkit.

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VoiceThread is a web-based application used to create collaborative presentations with media and incorporates asynchronous conversation by text, microphone, web camera or telephone.

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