Malone Center for Excellence in Teaching

Teaching Spaces

The Malone Center is home to several innovative and technology-enhanced spaces. These spaces facilitate small group and class meetings that focus on collaboration. If you are unsure which space best suits your needs, reach out to one of our staff and let us help you choose.


Digital Café

Location: Wills 114
Description: The Digital Café is designed as a technology-enhanced but casual meeting space. It is perfect for small group discussions and seamlessly supports break out sessions within a single space.
Amenities: The Digital Café contains a main teaching lectern with large monitor and two additional wall-mounted computer centers. Seating includes couches and arm chairs, two high top tables, and a laptop bar.
Capacity: This space has seating for up to 26 individuals.
Digital Cafe Seating Area


Fusion Lab

Location: Wills 115
Description: The Malone Center’s computer lab, the Fusion Lab is where technology, ideas, and pedagogy fuse.
Amenities: This space contains 14 student computer work stations and a teaching station with standard classroom technology.
Capacity: This space has 14 computers and additional seating for 6 and an instructor/presenter.

Go2 Learning Studio

Location: Wills G2
Description: The Go2 Learning Studio is the Malone Center’s newest and most innovative space, designed for technology-enhanced, collaborative workshops. It is also equipped for HyFlex instruction via Zoom.
Amenities: The Go2 Learning Studio contains premium classroom equipment as well as two standard monitors with HDMI connections and an interactive touchscreen monitor with internal computer and HDMI connection. The room is outfitted with modular nesting tables and chairs for variable seating arrangements. It also contains a counter space with sink.
Capacity: This room has seating for 24 students and 2 instructors/presenters.
Go2 Studio Panoramic Photo

Lightboard Studio

Location: Wills 111
Description: The Lightboard Studio allows for recording innovative, high quality course videos. Engage your students in immersive presentations without turning away to face a whiteboard for a natural and more personal connection. The studio can also be used for simple recordings without the use of the board.
Amenities: The Lightboard Studio contains a 66″ Revolution Lightboard with one button recording through a 4k camera. All you need to bring to the space is a flash drive for recording the video.
Capacity: The studio can support at most 2 presenters at one time.

Requests and Reservations

Room requests may be made by submitting the online Facilities Request or by calling Ms. Stephanie Montgomery at (205) 665-6365. Use of Malone Center facilities indicates that the user has read and agrees to accept all terms specified in the Facilities Use Policy.


Malone Center teaching spaces are available to the faculty and staff of the University of Montevallo through reservation. Reservations must be requested by completing the Facilities Request Form below. Reservations will be confirmed through email to the responsible party.

The highest priority for use of facilities will be given to support innovative and/or technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Facilities may not be reserved as the regularly scheduled meeting place for classes in order to allow for equitable access. Instead, reservations will only be accepted for periodic uses that require such facilities.

The individual indicated as the “Responsible Party” on the Facilities Request Form assumes responsibility to protect equipment from theft, loss, or damage. This person is expected to attend the event and is responsible for securing the room upon departure. Financial liability for the loss or damage of equipment or facilities due to negligence rests fully with the responsible party.

The responsible party must receive training on equipment use before reserving these facilities.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Use:

  • Combination codes to facility locks are confidential—faculty and staff use only. Students or student workers should not be given the combination to open or prepare room for faculty members.
  • Keys to facility locks must be returned to Malone Center immediately after use.
  • Faculty or staff members must be present when students are using the equipment for class presentations.
  • Facilities should be left in an orderly manner (equipment shut down, tables/chairs straightened and returned to original location, white board erased, trash placed in container, lights off).
  • Only furnished materials are to be used on Smartboards (markers, eraser).
  • Food or drinks are not allowed on the teaching station/lectern in facilities. No food or drinks allowed at all in the Fusion Lab (Wills 115) or Lightboard Studio (Wills 111).
  • “First-come, first-served” sign-up policy.
  • No software applications may be installed or removed from the computers without prior approval of the Malone Center.
  • No modifications of any type may be made to the system software or hardware.
  • Last minute reservations will be honored based on facility availability and if primary user has had prior training on equipment use.
  • Persons who use a facility without reservation or beyond an allotted reservation time are subject to being refused reservations in the future.

Malone Center Facilities Request