November 17, 2022

Alumni Profile: Christina Powell

Christina Powell’s days at the University of Montevallo left her with something else besides a degree from the College of Education and Human Development. They filled her with confidence – the confidence she needed to tackle life, to get up each day and not only try, but thrive.

Christina Powell“Montevallo gave me the independence and confidence to navigate life,” said Powell, a 2010 UM graduate. “It also afforded me the education and exposure I needed to tackle my job.”

“There are a lot of UM alums at my company, and I love bumping into them and talking about UM.”

Powell, a native of Birmingham, is now a group control analyst in underwriting for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

She said she chose that profession because she wanted a career where she could make a difference, give back and grow personally as well as professionally.

“My job allows me to do all these things and my company further helps me give back by being a volunteer in our community,” she said.

Powell said some of her favorite memories at Montevallo were her times at residence hall barbeques, which would include “at least half of Peck Hall” spending time outside enjoying food, drinks, games and each other’s company.

Those times of fellowship and others like them at UM are what make the university, in Powell’s eyes, unique and where those who choose to attend Montevallo’s brick-lain pathways belong.

“We are truly a family and no matter where we are, we have something in common and can connect.”