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UM National Alumni Association

The University of Montevallo National Alumni Association (UMNAA), organized in 1902, is the primary contact for Montevallo alumni with their alma mater. The Association’s mission is to “enhance the linkage between the alumni and the University, encourage members’ active participation in the Association and their commitment to the mission of the institution, build financial support for the Association and the University, and promote the University of Montevallo as a vital part of Alabama’s future.”

All graduates of the University of Montevallo are considered members of the UM National Alumni Association. To become an active member of the association, make a donation to the area of your choice and get involved.

Check out upcoming events, and for more information contact the Office of Alumni Affairs or a member of the UMNAA Board.

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Message from UMNAA President Stephanie Shaw ’93

Greetings alumni!

Montevallo has a great history of amazing alumni leaders — people who have given so much to continue the Mon-tevallo experience. Montevallo alumni are known for our passion, for our tradition, heritage, campus and history. We serve as leaders by carrying the tradition of our past into the future. We carry the tradition of our experiences through volunteerism, servitude and giving.

Your UMNAA Board members, along with the Junior Board, Board of Trustees and Foundation Board are all made up of alumni and community leaders who dedicate themselves to helping to support the University, its students, faculty, staff and alumni. Each of these leaders gives their time willingly to make sure your Montevallo experience continues into the future. They do so out of the love they have for the University, its students and you.

I hope you know that you can also serve as a Montevallo leader wherever you are in whatever place you are in your life. We can all help continue the Montevallo experience. You can attend or lead a local club meeting. You can come back to campus for events such as Homecoming, Founders’ Day, seminars, athletic events, theatre productions, etc. You can reach out to other alumni friends and go to lunch and talk about your shared experiences. You can Zoom with your UM friends or affinity club. You can volunteer at the University in numerous ways. You can extend the Montevallo experience through a donation to the annual fund or another fund of your choice. All of us can be alumni leaders in very vital ways to help continue the Montevallo experience.

As it is said in our alma mater, it is our responsibility as sons and daughters to sing the praises of our university. It is our responsibility to shed the light of knowledge afar. It is our responsibility to make sure that the years are rich and fruitful for years to come. Sons and daughters, I hope you, as an alumni leader, will help me to continue the Montevallo experience in any way that you can.