Alabama Traffic Safety Center

Custom Courses

Custom Courses, Corporate and other Driver Safety Programs

Our certified instructors will help you create a customized driver and traffic safety program that fits your needs:

At-risk driving populations

Fleet, commercial and specialty vehicles

Blended Drive Safe & Behind-the-Wheel Training

Have participants complete the online Driver course on their schedule and then attend custom behind-the-wheel training at our facility.

Online Distracted Driver Course

Online driving course is ideal for those who driver as part of their job, cover topics and skills such as:   

Crash data                                                                                                                                         

Defensive Driving tips

Proper visual scanning techniques

Limits of human reaction time and effects of distraction and fatigue.

Customized Training

We can provide your employees training, contact us for details. (205) 665-6740

Truck Driver Safety Training

Driving Exercises simulators


For more information and scheduling, contact us at or (205) 665-6740.