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Institute for Advanced Law Enforcement Training presents the PVOC to help Police Departments deal with relevant training for todays Law Enforcement Officers. This class is geared for the Law-Enforcement officer to perfect critical driving skills:

  • Class Construction:
High Intensity, Engaging, Relevant Instruction, Hands-on/Behind-the-Wheel Performance with 1 on 1 Instructor Feedback, Timed/Graded performance of SAFE, PRECISE, SMOOTH vehicle operation under duress. 
  • Topics Covered:

Current case law related to liability and police vehicle operations (emergency vs non-emergency response and pursuit.)

  • Precision Vehicle Control
  • Space Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Skid Recovery
  • Off-road Recovery
  • Backing (Confined Space & High Speed directional adjustment)
  • Overcoming Rear Wheel Cheat and Front End Swing. (Overcoming the #1 and #2 cause of police vehicle crashes)
  • Recognition and Utilization of Vehicle Dynamics to optimize safe & proficient operation.

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Dynamic Vehicle Operation Course students will also demonstrate high speed execution of precision maneuvers in a roadway/pursuit course while maintaining control of Vehicle equipped with EasyDrift skid rings.(Closed course, Controlled Environment)

The student will demonstrate proficiency by performance objectives utilizing:

  • Track Vehicles
  • Skid Car Equipped with EasyDrift Skid Rings.
  • High Intensity technical exercise using Skid Vehicle on TIMED/GRADED course demonstrating mastery of subjects covered.
  • **Due to the high intensity and level of performance and professionalism demanded from attendees, CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED.
  • Participants will also be required to drive course in departmental issued vehicle, and demonstrate smooth proficient operation on closed roadway course.

UPCOMING CLASSES:           TBA contact Sam Causey (


Basic Uniform Crash Investigation is a dynamic “Crash Course” in crashes. It is ideal for new officers, as it lays the foundation for the proper information gathering and investigation of motor vehicle crashes. The class covers crash scene safety, standardized terminology and processes, a step-by-step examination of eCrash and its functions, and a live crash simulation to provide hands-on learning. The goal of this class is to send officers back to their departments better equipped to efficiently and accurately investigate motor vehicle crashes. Subsequently, this will lead to more standardization between officers and departments, less FTO time spent  on crash investigation, fewer complaints, and fewer court appearances.  

Class is designed to provide first-line instruction of police officers to correctly investigate traffic crashes. Class will consist 50% classroom instruction, 50% Crash Investigation. (Closed roadway with crashed vehicles for accurate, hands-on experience.)

This class is intended to provide officers with standardized terminology, increased e-crash familiarity, investigative tools, and guidelines for accurate, informative, and relevant narratives regarding crash documentation.

  • This class is recommended for all officers who work traffic crashes as part of their duties
  • Officers will be graded on their performance investigating staged crash on ALTSC driving range
  • Attendees will receive 8 hours CEU for submission to APOST for each class completed.

UPCOMING CLASSES:            TBA contact Sam Causey (


Contact for pricing and registration:

  • Brian Swiney – or 205-626-7821

  • Sam Causey – or 205-665-6740