Alabama Traffic Safety Center

Truck Driving Skills Roadeo

The Truck Driving Skills Rodeo challenges drivers to display their driving abilities through the demonstration of vehicle handling on a closed set driving course. The friendly, competitive nature of this event allows corporate drivers to test and hone their safe handling skills in a fun filled atmosphere.

The Truck Driving Skills Rodeo is recommended for drivers who operate a corporate or personal vehicle for sales, service, supervision, delivery, or other company related objectives.

The Alabama Traffic Safety Center has over twenty-five years experience in the delivery of Truck Driving Skills Rodeos. The Rodeos are an enjoyable team-building experience that reiterates your company’s value of safe driving practices.


Skills Exercises

The standard format of the Truck Driving Skills Rodeo consists of eight (8) mutually exclusive events measuring the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner. Drivers are presented an overview and walk through of the skill exercises. Scoring details of each event are delivered during the walk through.

In the planning stages of the Rodeo, Alabama Traffic Safety Center staff meets with the Rodeo sponsor to discuss the needs of the corporate drivers. This assessment results in determining the skills that will comprise the Rodeo.

Traditionally, the skill exercises included in the Rodeo measure a driver’s ability to; judge distance to the front, back and sides of the vehicle. The exercises also assess the driver’s ability to maneuver the vehicle, drive within a confined area, back safely, and identify a series of vehicle defects.


The Alabama Traffic Safety Center makes it a pleasant experience to sponsor a Truck Driving Skills Rodeo for your employees. The Rodeo is traditionally planned to be held at the Alabama Traffic Safety Center at the University of Montevallo. The feasibility and logistical procedures for delivery of a Rodeo off site can be entertained.

Center personnel will discuss options within the Rodeo format that will best serve your driver’s needs. The standard format of the Rodeo allows for the driving skills competition to be held in the morning. The competition is usually followed by an awards/recognition luncheon. Individual corporate points of emphasis allow for variation from this standard format. Corporate personnel are welcome to address the competitors at the luncheon.

If there are any emergency medical needs that we need to be aware of, or if participants wish to request reasonable disability-related accommodations, please contact us at 205-665-6740 with as much notice as possible.  Attempts will be made to meet late requests, but they cannot be guaranteed.