Student Conduct Process


Appeals Process

Students or student organizations involved in violations of the Student Code of Conduct have the option to request a review of the decision. In addition to the Respondent student, the Complainant in cases involving sexual misconduct, domestic and/or dating violence, and/or stalking may also request a review of the decision. If the student requests an appeal, the Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs (VPESA) will review decisions made by the Director of Student Conduct or University Conduct Council. In the event of an appeal, the pathway projects, sanctions or other measures of accountability originating from the initial hearing decision will be on pause until the appeal decision has been made except when such a delay may pose a health and safety risk to other members of the University community.

All appeal requests to the VPESA must be in writing and submitted using the Appeal Submission form within five (5) business days of the date of the outcome letter.  The appeal packet will be provided to the VPESA for review. Decisions made by the Residence Life Coordinator for minor violations as stated in the “Hearings” section can be appealed to the Director of Housing and Residence Life per the University of Montevallo Residence Hall Handbook guidelines.

Housing and Residence Life

Grounds for Appeals

A student has the right to request an appeal which must include grounds upon which the appeal is based. The Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs (VPESA) may grant an appeal to the Complainant or the Respondent or both on the grounds that there was 1) a procedural error that significantly impacted the outcome of the hearing; or 2) new and relevant evidence, unavailable during the original hearing or investigation, which could substantially impact the original finding or pathway project. 3) recommendation of a pathway project that is either unreasonably harsh or inadequate. A summary of any new evidence and its potential impact must be included in the initial letter of appeal.

Decision on Appeals

The Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs (VPESA) will review the packet and make the final decision. The student is notified of the final decision by the VPESA via email. As a result of the appeal, one of the following actions may occur:

  1. The original decision and pathway project(s)/sanction(s) will be upheld.
  2. The original decision will be upheld with a modified pathway project(s)/sanction(s).
  3. A new hearing will take place with the new and relevant information included; in the best interest of the student, a different Council will be selected.
  4. The student will be found not in violation and the original decision and projects will be reversed.

All appeal decisions of the Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs are final.