Campus Safety

Threat Assessment Team (TAT)

The Threat Assessment Team (TAT) was established to assist in addressing situations wherein students, faculty, or staff are displaying behaviors that are disruptive, threatening, or concerning in nature and that potentially impede their own or others’ ability to function successfully or safely. A collaborative process to assess threats will be used with the Director of Counseling Services (DoCS), Director of Student Conduct (SCO) and the Chief of Police, advising senior university officials regarding potentially threatening situations when necessary. The Director of Counseling Services and the Chief of Police co-chair the Threat Assessment Team (TAT), with the Director of Student Conduct managing a database of incidents reported.


The Threat Assessment Team (TAT) is committed to protecting the University of Montevallo campus community through proactive, collaborative, coordinated, objective, and thoughtful approach to the prevention, identification, assessment, intervention, and management of situations that pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat to the safety and well being of the campus community.

Reporting Threats

If a threatening, disruptive, or inappropriate behavior is observed, University community members will be able to report to the TAT by speaking directly to a TAT member or submitting an electronic incident report accessed through the UMCares & Maxient reporting screen.  Once submitted, the report will automatically become part of the electronic database used for active assessment and will be forwarded through the Maxient incident reporting system to the Director of Student Conduct (SCO) and other specified individuals depending on the type of incident.

Flowchart with steps in reporting and assessing threats

Process for reporting and assessing reports of threat.