Campus Safety

UMCares & Maxient Reporting

Whether you are a student or a faculty/staff member, the University of Montevallo wants to hear from you about issues that affect the safety of our campus and well being of our students. The information you provide is important to this process. Situations to report can take the form of reporting when a friend is struggling with a mental health issue or a student is threatening another party. If it is out of the ordinary and causes you concern or alarm, make a report.

All of your reports will be viewed by a team of discreet professionals including the directors of Counseling, Student Conduct, Student Success and the VPESA/Dean of Students. Once a report is filed, the appropriate party will investigate and when necessary, follow-up.

You are not required to know if a situation is more UMCares or Maxient, we use the same reporting tool for both types of reports and then route to the appropriate parties.

Note: You should call Campus Police (911 or 205-665-6500) if an immediate response is needed to ensure safety or if a crime has been committed. This is not a police reporting tool.