Student Life

Intercultural Life

The University of Montevallo is committed to an inclusive environment where the needs of diverse populations are met. Montevallo is committed to the advocacy and support of our minority students, and we are aware of the importance of representation, inclusion, and resources. We support a variety of student-led programs which assist in providing our minority students with a safe and supportive environment to learn and grow, a voice to lead change, and a community to depend on through their UM journeys. Those organizations are the Black Student Union, Hispanic Student Organization, International Student Organization, and Spectrum. We also support the Multicultural Student Organization, which is a developing organization that will celebrate and unite multiple cultures across the UM campus and is supported through our diversity initiatives. These groups make up the Minority Student Council, and although each group has their own unique structure, they are committed to supporting and learning from each other. In addition, each minority student is valued for the unique qualities, talents, and experiences they bring, and we are committed to supporting students along their personal paths through coaching and advising as well as connecting students to the many resources our campus offers. Each of our minority students should leave Montevallo confident, empowered and ready to step into the professional world equipped to make an impact.

International Student Support

The following ways are how we hope to provide support and encouragement and build community among our international students.

International Student Organization (ISO) – ISO is represented by our international student body and is committed to developing the international presence at UM, including assisting in advocating for needs of international students, creating events to build community, and promoting education of the different cultures that represent our student body.

Friendship Partners – The Friendship Partners program pairs UM international students with individuals and families from the community who are committed to providing support, friendship, and being open to celebrating and learning about different cultures. Both students and families fill out an application with demographic, interests, and expectation information and they are then matched accordingly. Throughout the semester, within specific guidelines, the families and students coordinate opportunities to connect through cultural activities, inclusion in family events, or in any way that bonds the student and partner family.

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International Student Shuttle – Entering into a new city, state, or country for the first time can be overwhelming. Trying to navigate our taxi or transportation system can be difficult, and we want our students to have a smooth start to their UM journey. This is why we are offering a free shuttle to international students at the beginning and conclusion of each semester. For students to take advantage of this service they must provide necessary flight information, and the flight must fall within a certain time frame. We also coordinate with Athletics in providing this service. Please contact Jason Perry ( for more information on this service.

International Student Advisory Committee – The International Student Advisory Committee’s mission is to advocate for the needs of our international students and make sure they have the necessary support to be successful. With the advisement of campus staff, student leaders, and most importantly, international students, we hope to provide every student with the resources they need to make the most of their UM journey.