Student Activity Center

Conduct and Regulations

The Student Activity Center was designed to give students a place to have fun and stay in shape.

In order to provide a clean, safe recreational experience for all students, please abide by the following regulations

Facility Guidelines

  1. A membership is required for use of all facilities. A membership I.D. (student I.D.) must be shown upon entry. No one under 18 years of age is allowed to participate in activities at the SAC except under special circumstances.
  2. Proper athletic attire, including appropriate shoes, is required at all times.
  3. Lockers may be rented for $20 per semester. The University is not responsible for items left in lockers. Locks left on lockers overnight are subject to removal.
  4. Gym bags and additional clothing should be stored in the locker room.
  5. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited at the SAC.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in the SAC.
  7. Yelling, profanity or boisterous behavior is prohibited.
  8. Slamming or dropping of weights is prohibited.
  9. Jewelry is prohibited on racquetball courts.
  10. Towels are required for use of the pool, racquetball court, and weight room. Towels may be purchased at the front desk for $2.
  11. Eye guards and non-marking shoes are required for the racquetball courts. When courts are busy, courts should be turned over to the next patrons every half hour.
  12. Equipment should be wiped down after use. If others are waiting, cardio machines should be turned over to the next patron every half hour; weight stations must be vacated upon set completion.
  13. The walking track is closed during athletic events, concerts, UM and visiting basketball teams’ practices, and other activities sponsored by UM.
  14. Spotters must be present at all times when using free weights. (Weight room supervisors are not allowed to act as spotters.)
  15. Plates and dumbbells must be returned to the racks after use. Free weights are not allowed near mirrors or against walls. Weight belts are available in the weight area.
  16. Patrons should ask supervisors for instruction regarding proper use of equipment.

Any violations of the regulations above may result in removal from the facility for the rest of the day, referral for Justice/Administration hearing, suspension or termination of membership (or a combination of one or more of said consequences). If a member is acting in any manner that is detrimental to other patrons, the supervisor has final say in all cases.