Student Organizations

Student Government Association

It’s one thing to be part of SGA in high school, where the most freedom you have is what theme this year’s prom will be.

But once you step foot on the University of Montevallo’s campus and realize that you’ll be blazing your own trail from this point forward, the idea of leadership carries a greater weight—and can provide greater experience and opportunities. So if you think you were born to lead, join the UM Student Government and discover what you can do to impact and improve the lives of your fellow classmates.

SGA Applications

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How do I get involved in the SGA?

As an entering freshmen you can apply to the Freshman Forum or run for one of the three Freshman Senator positions on the SGA Senate. Freshman Senators are elected in September, and Freshman Forum members are selected via an interview process at the beginning of the school year. You can also apply to be a part of the University Program Council (UPC) to help plan campus events.

As a transfer student, you can apply to be a part of the General Assembly or run for the Transfer Senator position on the SGA Senate. The General Assembly is selected following applications and interviews in the Fall Semester, and the Transfer Senator is elected in September. Transfer students are also eligible to apply for UPC.

Freshman Forum

Student Government isn’t just for upperclassmen. If you’re interested in becoming a part of UM’s Student Government Association, the Freshmen Forum is the perfect starting line. Members of the freshmen class are selected through an application process, and if you’re chosen, you’ll become actively involved with the SGA in order to become a well-informed member of the University when it comes time to run for your own office. Members of the Freshmen Forum are also responsible for planning events on behalf of the freshmen class and the entire student body. If you think you were born to lead, take the first step and join the Freshmen Forum.

Elections for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Senior Class President, and Senate positions are held each year in the spring semester. Executive Cabinet positions are elected or appointed in the spring semester.