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Awardspring Scholarship Applications

Open September 1 – March 1 Each Year

At the University of Montevallo, we recognize that students and their families have many apprehensions and obstacles related to paying for college.  We know that each family situation is unique and we consider each student’s financial aid package individually.  The financial investment to a student’s education can present many challenges, even for those who have been prudent in planning for their children’s education.

Paying for College

All students are encouraged to submit a FAFSA each year and to explore all financial options.

Sources of Financial Aid

Payment Plan Information

Scholarship Funding

Our blended approach of using institutional grants (based on financial need) and scholarships (based on need and merit) ensures that we recognize the achievements of the incredible students who want to receive a University of Montevallo liberal arts education.

The University sets aside money each year for academic, talent, and sports scholarships.  Scholarships are established through the University Foundation by the generosity of our Montevallo alumni, family, and friends for students who accomplishments prove they will have an extraordinary impact on our school and local communities.

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarships are awarded to full time students who have been admitted and are with good standing with the University of Montevallo.  Full time is defined as 12 or more hours.  A scholarship for a student taking less than 12 hours will be prorated based on hours taken.

Scholarship Applications

University of Montevallo scholarships are listed on the Admissions page as well as departmental pages.

Undergraduate Admissions – Scholarships

Students, current and incoming, are encouraged to apply for UM scholarships through Awardspring.  This program will match the student to the scholarships they are eligible for.

Students use their UM email and their UM password to sign in.  All UM students receive an email with detailed information about the Awardspring application process and deadline. Students are notified of scholarship decisions in early April.


Awarding a scholarship? Please complete the form below.

Scholarship Authorization Form

Awarding an Out of State Scholarship?  Please complete the form below

Out Of State Scholarship Authorization Form

Stacking Scholarships

Scholarships of smaller amounts can be stacked but are not intended to give cash back to a student.  If the total amount of the scholarships is greater than the amount owed, the scholarships will be adjusted to cover the balance on the account.

Outside Scholarships

Students should consider applying for outside scholarships. College students are eligible for many scholarships funded by outside agencies and foundations.

Some of the many sources to research include:

  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Parent’s and/or student’s employers
  • High school guidance office
  • Local Chambers of Commerce and other community organizations such as Kiwanis, Lions Club
  • Public libraries
  • Local community foundations
  • US senator and representative websites (found under grants)
  • State of Alabama website
  • College Board Scholarship Search
  • Fast Web Scholarship Search

* When researching scholarship websites, students should be aware of internet scams related to scholarships and identity theft.

  • Please read through information before clicking. Identity theft is a very serious thing that often happens when people do not pay attention.
  • Students should never enter personal information such as social security number or any banking and/or credit card information on any of these sites. Protect your identity online at all times.