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It's Your Move

Don’t be a bystander, but intervene when presented with the opportunity.

Students all over our campus are coming together and saying enough is enough. They are working hard to create a community they want to be a part of. They are standing up and saying that being part of the UM community means doing the right thing is not an option, but an expectation.

Whether that is helping a friend who is struggling, preventing a friend from driving drunk or stopping a sexual assault, we all can do something. UM embraces the idea that everyone can do their part to create a safer campus community.

It’s Your Move is a program designed to teach students practical ways to not be a bystander and to create a better community. During the It’s Your Move Training students learn to:

  • recognize situations we should intervene in,
  • develop confidence to respond to those situations, and
  • create a campus culture where people care for one another.

For more information about how to get involved or to attend an It’s Your Move Training contact us by phone at 665-6245 or via email at