Accessible Parking

All faculty, staff and students who wish to park on campus must register their vehicle through the online permit system. Individuals who have a state disability parking placard or license tag issued in their name should obtain the disability (blue) permit from the DSS office. Students will exchange their commuter or resident parking sticker in the DSS office and will receive the blue accessible campus hang tag. DSS will need to see a copy of the receipt/registration for the state placard/license plate to confirm the individual’s need for the campus blue tag. Disability parking permits are not an additional cost over the initial vehicle registration fee. The blue hang tag allows the vehicle to be parked in any legal parking zone (accessible, resident, commuter or faculty/staff).

Temporary disability parking, due to injury or illness, is also provided through DSS. Individuals should bring a letter from their medical professional (which may include University athletic training staff or Health Services staff) indicating diagnosis/reason for the temporary permit and the expected duration of the need. Individuals requesting temporary permits for extended periods of time should consider obtaining the state temporary permit as well, as the campus permit will not provide the access the individual will likely need in the community.