Disability-Related Modification of Academic Requirements

  1. Student contacts Disability Support Services, and provides documentation of disability and makes a request for modification/substitution of an academic program requirement.
  2. DSS Staff will confer with Department Chair and/or Dean to review the request, including a case-by-case review of the essential elements/technical standards of program and/or course.
    • If documentation supports the request, and DSS agrees that the request does not create a substantial alteration of the essential elements/technical standards, DSS Staff will forward the request, as well as the recommendations of the Chair/Dean, to the Provost. (See 3.)
    • If documentation does not support the request, or DSS, Faculty, and Administrators believe there will be substantial alteration of essential elements/technical standards, request will be denied. The student may appeal this decision to the Provost.
  3. Provost reviews the request, recommendations, supporting documentation if needed, and may consult with DSS Staff, Faculty and/or Administrators as necessary.  Provost makes a decision and notifies all parties in writing.   The decision of the Provost is final.




Revised 2018