College of Education and Human Development Initiatives

Majors within the College of Education and Human Development:

  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Secondary Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Elementary Education/Collaborative
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Exercise and Nutrition Science

Through a rigorous curriculum and the support of initiatives that both support the learning of a student and the community, the University of Montevallo College of Education and Human Development prepares graduates to meet the dynamic needs of educational institutions, as well as corporate and human service organizations. The programs listed below both serve as a learning experience and a service to the surrounding communities. Your support helps to ensure that future students benefit from these opportunities as well as guaranteeing their existence for the community.

  1. The Community Counseling Clinic is a program of The University of Montevallo’s Graduate Counseling Department.  The clinic provides free mental health care to those in the surrounding communities who cannot afford it.  It also acts as a training ground where counseling students, under the supervision of counseling faculty, gain valuable experience working with clients.  The services provided cover counseling for depression, anxiety, grief, anger, marital, recovery, extreme behaviors and other psychosocial concerns that impact individuals, couples, and families.
  2. Since 1931, the University has sponsored a child development laboratory for preschool children.  The Child Study Center serves as a laboratory for observing children for multiple departments across campus.  The Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and hosts an Office of School Readiness (OSR) First Class 4K classroom.  Teachers at the Center have degrees in Early Childhood Education, or a closely related field, and are highly qualified.  The Center follows the Creative Curriculum and believes that children learn best through authentic experiences and hands-on learning.
  3. The shortage of minority teachers in Alabama and across the nation has been linked to multiple educational, social, and economic issues. The University of Montevallo College of Education and Human Development recognizes this shortage and has designed the Minority Educators Scholarship Program, which is a collaborative program for students of color, to increase the number of minority students completing teacher education and instructional leadership programs in the state.