May 6, 2019

Falcon Digest transitioning to Vallo Voice 

In an effort to streamline email communication across campus, the Technology Advisory Council (TAC) has approved a change in email newsletter notifications to be piloted throughout the summer months and into the beginning of the fall semester. 

The Falcon Digest daily email newsletter will cease to campus effective Friday, May 31. 

Email news notifications will then move to a weekly format through Vallo Voice. Vallo Voice is currently received weekly by faculty and staff. A second version will now be produced for students.   

The newsletter will be published with new content every Monday and as a refresher every Thursday (no new content – only updates to current content on Thursdays). 

To submit information to Vallo Voice, simply fill out the appropriate form at *The deadline for submission will be noon on Thursday each week prior to publication. 

The changes outlined above reflect a comprehensive review of stakeholder perspectives by TAC. It is requested that departments and organizations plan accordingly when submitting information for announcements and events. Advanced notification is very much appreciated. 

Additional information, photos and forms can be linked to a webpage if a link is provided. Each issue will be archived online at 

An evaluation of the pilot email changes will be conducted through the Digital Communications Committee in October 2019. During the pilot period, the DCC will continue to work with TAC to identify and optimize multiple entry points for engaging faculty, staff and students. We appreciate your patience as we work to provide all campus stakeholders with optimal, effective communication policy and practice.