February 7, 2024

Featured Falcons: Tiffany R. Bunt

What is your name and current title with the University of Montevallo?
Tiffany R. Bunt, director of alumni affairs. 

Tiffany R. BuntWhere are you from and what city do you currently reside in?
I was born in Dallas, Texas, but moved to the Birmingham area as a child. I currently live in Montevallo. 

If you hold any degrees, what are they in and from what schools?
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and a Master of Business Administration, both from the University of Montevallo. 

How long have you worked here? 
Let’s just say more than 15 years.  

Did you hold any previous positions here? If so, what are they?
I started at UM working in graphic design and public relations. I worked in three additional roles with progressive responsibility in University Marketing & Communications before moving to the Alumni Office.    

What brought you to Montevallo?
The opportunity to return home to my alma mater. I enjoyed previous jobs, but working for an institution that I believe so wholeheartedly in its mission has immeasurable value.   

What’s the best thing about working for Montevallo?
Our alumni! Watching alumni connect, regardless of age, over shared experiences and a sense of family is truly magical, whether they are recent graduates or alumni who graduated 50 to 60 years ago. Creating opportunities for students and alumni to interact is incredibly enriching and heartwarming.   

I am continually impressed that so many of our alumni want to contribute to the success of our students. When we say,“Montevallo is family,” it goes beyond time as a student. As alumni, we know how transformational a Montevallo education is.  

Do you have any interesting stories about one of your favorite experiences here?
I have had so many great experiences as a student, alum, adjunct instructor and a staff member. I have stories about working late nights on The Alabamian, participating in College Night and so much more as a student. As an alum, my favorite experiences were being on the Junior Board and making lifelong alumni friends. As a staff member, it’s experiencing all these things – including unexplained (possibly ghostly) occurrences — from a different perspective.   

I have truly come full circle in my time at UM. As an undergrad, I was a student worker in the PR office, which was upstairs in Reynolds Hall, and now I work with alumni in Reynolds Hall. But I think my favorite memory would be a few months after graduation, when I married my true love and best friend, David, on Flowerhill Lawn. (Ok, that may be a bit too cheesy!)    

What’s your proudest accomplishment since being at UM?
I don’t think I can pick just one. There are a variety of accomplishments in different aspects of my role that I am quite proud of – whether it’s engaging alumni at Homecoming and other events, our mentoring program, honoring alumni achievements with awards and our 15 Within 15 distinction, creating professional development programming and networking opportunities or working with UMNAA scholarship recipients and our student alumni association, FAM. I think all center around relationships made – connecting with alumni, connecting students with alumni and connecting alumni with fellow alumni. 

Why do you belong at Montevallo?
UM has been an integral part of my life for a long time. Attending UM was one of the best decisions of my life. I fell in love with the Montevallo family and the charming historic campus. It opened my eyes to so many opportunities. David jokes that when we got married at Flowerhill, I made vows to the University as well. He may be right; I really believe “you always belong at Montevallo.” 

Anything else you want to say?
To students: Get involved and make the most of your Montevallo experience! Also, join FAM (Future Alumni of Montevallo student organization) and network with alumni.   

To alumni: Get involved! There are numerous ways to connect, give back and engage, no matter the distance. And of course, we hope to see you at Homecoming!