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Pam Lucas Cafe

“Thank you for calling the University of Montevallo’s Office of Communication Arts, Divisions of Theatre and Communication Studies. This is Pam; how can I help you?”

This was the greeting that so many students (and their parents) would hear when they called the office throughout their time at UM. Most people would assume “how can I help you” was limited to registering for classes or obtaining scholarship information. Those who knew Pam Lucas knew she meant “I’m here for you in any way I can be, what do you need?” and that is why and how she became a secondary mom to two decades of Montevallo students from 1997 to 2016. Pam Lucas

Her daughter, Adrian Lucas, shared, “My mom left the most nurturing legacy in the halls of Reynolds. For the hundreds of new students that she met over the years, she welcomed them with a smile of acceptance and the warmth of home. She helped whenever she was needed and thought of others’ needs before she was even asked. She didn’t judge; she loved and supported. She was precise, organized to the extreme and the definition of a classy, beautiful woman. Her students weren’t a number to her. She upheld the priceless personal atmosphere that nurtured the family within the theatre and communication programs.”

A former student shared, “My favorite memories of Mrs. Pam are simply sitting on the benches in the back of Reynolds where she was always smiling to sit and listen to the frustrations of a college student, usually while sharing her snack. Her compassion, accompanied by tough love, was the much-needed ‘mother figure’ that I needed through my college years and for that, I will be forever grateful.” Pam Lucas

With this in mind, the University of Montevallo College of Fine Arts is honoring her by naming the cafe in the new building Center for the Arts in her honor. We invite you to make a donation to the Pam Lucas Cafe fund in her honor. Once the fund has reached its goal, we will surprise her with a naming ceremony and a list of all the names of individuals who contributed to making this honor a reality.

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