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Become a philanthropist

Becoming statueAt the University of Montevallo, we ask our students
What will you become?  


a community volunteer 
a PR intern 
a leader 
— Zachary Brown, communication studies major 

an orientation leader 
an Alzheimer’s advocate 
a nonprofit worker 
— Brianna Blue, social work major 

a competitive cheerleader 
a scholarship recipient 
an elementary school teacher 
— Hollie Brown, education major 

So, as alumni, we ask you, “What have you become?”

Where did your degree from the University of Montevallo take you? “What are you becoming?” Having a degree from Montevallo means you become a lifelong learner and know that you are always becoming more. Due to life’s twists and turns, you may not have become what you initially set out to be. But with your liberal arts education from the University of Montevallo, you have learned to adapt and look for new paths.  

At the University of Montevallo, we are working to offer students more opportunities to become successful. As we near the end of the year and you are making year-end donations, we ask that you consider donating to your alma mater.  

Become a philanthropist:

You have experienced the small nurturing atmosphere that lends itself to provide Montevallo’s strong education. As you think back to your college years and to those who inspired and helped you along the way, we ask that you help UM sustain this “Montevallo experience” for current and future students.  Please consider the following: 

SCHOLARSHIPS:  With more than 60 percent of our students on needs-based financial aid, it is more important than ever to increase the number of scholarships awarded to help students achieve their aspirations. 

STUDENT EMERGENCY FUND: The donations collected for this fund are set aside for the students who need it the most. Whether a student experiences a sudden loss of property, a scholarship need or other unforeseen circumstance that threatens their education here at UM, this  fund is meant to help them bounce back. 

AREA OF GREATEST NEED: The Montevallo Fund is used for areas that are in greatest need at the time. Gifts of any size make an immediate impact on our Montevallo family.  

“Montevallo has always enjoyed strong support from alumni and loyal friends – support that has made all the difference to the students we serve. Now is the time for us to embark together on an exciting journey that will allow us to achieve the full measure of our promise – philanthropy. The Campaign for the University of Montevallo: It’s About Family is the vehicle through which we will climb that last hill on our path to greatness, a path that will allow us to transform the world, one Montevallo student at a time, for the next 120 years.” – President John W. Stewart III