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Alexandria's Story

Both my parents are professors at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and that’s where I was expected to attend. While that was an option, I was attracted to the small, public, liberal arts school that is Montevallo.

Alexandria Bodner

Alexandria Bodner

I did well academically my first year, but I struggled with a substance abuse disorder. It took me several years to get clean. While in recovery, I realized how important an education was for my future success. I also realized because of everything I had experienced, that my true calling was in social work.

My goal is to combat discriminatory policies and practices, especially in the criminal justice and addiction recovery systems. The social work program at UM is equipping me with the knowledge and tools to get out there in the real world and fulfill my mission.

There are a lot of caring and dedicated teachers at UM that I have been fortunate to have as mentors and role models. My fellow students are diverse and have provided me with unique perspectives in viewing the world. I have become close with several of them whose cultures are very different from my own.

This is a major reason I came back to Montevallo, because the environment is so welcoming to non-traditional students. Today, I am a 31-year-old single mom who commutes back and forth from Birmingham almost daily, and the welcoming atmosphere and support is tremendous.

I was fortunate to receive the Roxie Craig Scholarship in Social Work. This has helped me pay for tuition that my grants didn’t. I am grateful for this scholarship and those who fund it, and I hope that I am worthy of Ms. Craig’s legacy.

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