2022 Donor Impact Report

The University of Montevallo Foundation is proud to present its 2022 Donor Impact Report. We’ve raised more than $5 million this year from nearly 3,300 donors. This report is the UM Foundation’s way of showing transparent accountability of how donor funds are utilized to advance the mission of the institution in all of its educational, instructional, service, charitable and outreach efforts. We are thankful to the many donors who allow the UM Foundation to safeguard the resources entrusted to its stewardship and care to serve the interests of its investors.

Important things to remember:

  • This report only contains information about University of Montevallo Foundation funding from its donors. It does not contain information about institutional funding provided by the state of Alabama as a public state institution.
  • Donor restricted funds are created and utilized under the criteria guidelines established by the donor. Unrestricted funds are utilized for the areas of greatest need across campus.
  • Athletic scholarships are predominantly funded by institutional funds, not Foundation funds.

Foundation Funding Breakdown

Breakdown of Foundation expenses, Scholarship support 47 percent, College, program and departmental administration fees 21 percent, Student, faculty and staff travel, conference fees and registration 9 percent, faclities, enhancements and equipment 9 percent, academic support 5 percent, guest lecturers 4 percent, recognition and awards 4 percent, community relations 2 percent

Number of donors who gave


Total amount raised


Dear Montevallo family,

Dr. John W. Stewart IIILooking back over all our University has accomplished, I can’t help but be amazed at where we are now and how far we’ve come. As we continue to provide exemplary experiences that expand the minds of our students and equip them for the future, we know that UM is changing lives, and those lives are going on to change the world. Thanks to the support of alumni and friends like you, we’ve successfully accomplished this for now more than 126 years.

It is because of donors like you that we have been able to continue to achieve our mission of providing an affordable, high quality, diverse, equitable, inclusive, learning-centered, liberal arts college experience. Together, we’re developing our future, brick by brick.


Dr. John W. Stewart III

UM President


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Hannah Waki chases after the ball in the GSC tournament match against Lee.

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