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Student Access, Affordability and Success

Priority One

Student Access, Affordability and Success

Jeff and Tracey Morant AdamsA college education provides students with a platform to acquire knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and explore various disciplines. College is a transformative phase in a student’s life. It offers opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery and the development of essential life skills such as communication, problem-solving and teamwork. But often times, barriers stand in the way of students pursuing their educational goals. Access, affordability and success are crucial factors for college students as they significantly impact their educational journey and overall future.


Access to higher education ensures students from all backgrounds, regardless of their socio-economic status, race or gender, have an equal chance to pursue their academic and career goals. It promotes social mobility and helps bridge the gap between different sections of society. Access to a wide range of academic resources, libraries, research facilities and expert faculty enriches the learning experience and broadens students’ horizons. Access to a diverse campus community enhances cultural understanding and fosters global perspectives.


Higher education can be expensive, and the cost can deter many talented individuals from pursuing their educational goals. Endowed and annual scholarships and financial support for internships and fellowships play a vital role in making education accessible to all. Financially supporting these areas allows students to graduate with minimal or no debt, enabling them to focus on building their careers and contributing positively to society. Affordability also ensures that students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds can

also participate in higher education, promoting diversity, fostering a rich learning environment and enabling the development of a more equitable society.


A successful outcome in higher education is not limited to completing a degree; it encompasses various aspects of academic, personal and professional growth. These attributes contribute to holistic personal growth and prepare students for a well-rounded life.

Achieving academic goals, equipping students with the necessary foundation for future careers or advanced academic pursuits are all part of robust academic experience. A meaningful outcome also includes gaining relevant skills, industry exposure, internships and networking opportunities that prepare students for the job market. Personal development and self-discovery also contribute to college success. Both involve cultivating critical thinking abilities, problem- solving skills, effective communication, leadership qualities and a sense of responsibility.

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