February 14, 2017

Methvin receives UM Distinguished Alumnus Award

During the Homecoming festivities, the University of Montevallo’s National Alumni Association (UMNAA) recognizes an alumnus who has reached major milestones by achieving significant accomplishments in their career.

This year, Jim Methvin ’73 of Homewood is the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Alumnus Award.

As a student, Methvin was a member of Pi Alpha (which would become Pi Kappa Alpha) and covered his fellow Greeks as a member of the Montage yearbook staff. He also lead the Gold Side to victory in 1973 as a College Night leader.

In 1974, Methvin applied for his first job with Alabama Disability Determination Services (DDS) as a DDS counselor assistant.

More than 40 years and six promotions later, Methvin now serves as the director of Alabama’s DDS, leading approximately 500 employees to examine and process thousands of disability support requests.

Methvin leads by example and is quick to offer praise. “If an employee knows their work is valued, that allows him or her to feel successful in the job and translates into the agency’s successes,” he said describing how he operates with employees.

Last year, the National Association of Disability Examiners presented Methvin with the 2016 Earl B. Thomas Award for his decades-long commitment to the state agency.

Despite his demanding job title, Methvin has also acted as a consistent proponent of public education through membership on numerous local school boards and committees.

“His accomplishments and diligence to his service on these boards and the committees, conferences, and special issues that are a part of that service has benefitted thousands of Alabama school board members, educators and students of all ages,” wrote Patti Atkinson, a DDS colleague.

Throughout his many years of advocating on behalf of other public education institutions, Methvin has maintained a strong dedication to his alma mater in the process.

For the past decade, Methvin has been involved with the UMNAA as a board member until February of last year and as president from 2012 to 2014.

“What I know is that he meets all challenges big or small with 100 percent effort for the good of the task at hand, not only in his professional career and many other endeavors, but especially for the University of Montevallo,” stated Claudia Harrell ’73, Methvin’s Gold Side co-leader.

After more than four decades of tireless service, the UMNAA is proud to present Methvin with an award symbolizing all he continues to do for his University, his community and his state.

In receiving this honor, Methvin said, “I truly appreciate this award. For me, it is recognition of my career in public service and any recognition of me really stems from Montevallo.”