May 7, 2019

From Montevallo
to New York

Simone Maxwell applies her knowledge to internship in banking


Montevallo Student Spotlight: Simone Maxwell

University of Montevallo graduate Simone Maxwell recently accepted a position with Citibank in New York.

The best college education takes you far away from the bricks and follows you long after graduation day. Although just starting her career, senior Simone Maxwell has already taken UM with her across the states.

Originally from Marietta, Georgia, Maxwell found herself searching for a school in the South that would support her love for volleyball. What she found was great for her sport, and even greater for her future. She chose Montevallo for its wide variety of well-known and successful programs and was specifically interested in the Stephens College of Business.

As she began studying finance, she became involved with the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity program, or SEO. Through this organization, she learned about an exciting financial analyst internship opportunity with Citibank in New York. After a recorded interview, screening call and a 6-hour “super day,” consisting of a three-part interview session, Maxwell packed her bags for New York.

“My experience with Citi was amazing,” Maxwell said. “I had internships before, but this internship differed in the overall experience and connections we made and were exposed to.” Her family has always traveled, so she didn’t hesitate to jump straight into her new experience. She spent June through August of her junior year living alone in the city and learning from the hands-on experience.

Networking with company executives every week forced her out of her comfort zone. Along with her education at Montevallo, Maxwell’s role at Citibank taught her about the different aspects of how global banking works and gave her both technical and soft skills that she can take with her into any future role she may fill.

“I feel like Montevallo prepared me for my interview in many ways,” Maxwell said. “Playing collegiate volleyball helped me in working with teams and different people from diverse backgrounds and improved my communication skills. Being on campus and being a part of a number of organizations has allowed me to practice and improve these skills — all skills I found very crucial in my work experience at Citi.”

“Overall I had a great experience at Citi, and I am so thankful Montevallo provided me such a stepping stone for my future,” she said. Maxwell graduates in May and will begin a full-time position in June with Citibank in New York.

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