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August 2021 Newsletter

UM Operational Plan for Fall 2021
It’s Your Move
Campus Parking
Resources for Student Success
What Parents Need to Know About Drugs and Alcohol
Important Dates to Remember

It’s Your Move

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA), which was signed into law on March 7, 2014, legislates requirements under its Campus Sexual Assault and Violence Elimination (SaVE) provision. In addition to sexual assault, VAWA mandates colleges and universities to report domestic violence, dating violence and stalking as well as adapt student conduct policies and procedures to better accommodate rights of survivors of these types of crimes. Along with these amendments, VAWA mandates education for all incoming students and training for judicial boards.

The University of Montevallo considers the safety of its students and campus community to be paramount and has adopted policies and procedures in accordance with these federal mandates. Our commitment to educating students on issues related to campus safety, including sexual assault, begins with the online educational module “Consent & Respect” required of each incoming student by the time they arrive for fall Welcome Weekend. In addition to the education provided to all incoming students, UM provides education to the campus community throughout each semester by providing ongoing training to all students including athletes, Greek organizations and much of the entire student body by incorporating this topic into the curriculum. Finally, students can access information related to these issues from any department within Enrollment & Student Affairs as well as on campus promotional materials, the student newspaper and the University website.

Visit montevallo.edu/its-your-move for more information about “It’s Your Move” as well as Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence and Stalking.

Campus Parking

The University of Montevallo parking permit is good from May 2021 until May 2022.

General Information

  1. Vehicle registration is a web-only
  2. You should purchase one parking decal per vehicle
  3. Parking decals are $35
  4. Please DO NOT come to the University Police Department to pick up your parking Decals will be processed as follows:
    • Commuter Students: Decal will be sent to the mailing address you supply when you register for your
    • Residential Students: Decal will be mailed to your UM mailbox located in Farmer Hall. You will not have access to this box until you move onto
    • Disability Permits: You must register your vehicle for a University parking decal first, whether you are a commuter or resident. Once you receive your decal, take it to the Disability Support Services Office along with your state issued disability parking placard paperwork. DSS will swap the decals out and issue a disability

Vehicle Registration Instructions

  1. Use a computer that is connected to a working
  2. From montevallo.edu/, click on Current Students.
  3. Click on Banner Self-Service and log in.
  4. Click on Student.
  5. Find and click the Bosscars Parking Decal link
  6. Open the Register Permit/Vehicle Tab and follow the instructions on each
  7. You may register more than one vehicle. However, you must register each vehicle separately (one-at-a-time). An additional $35 charge will be assessed for each
  8. Print the confirmation
  9. The confirmation page serves as your temporary parking
  10. Only display your temporary permit while parking on
  11. Place decal in the front lower passenger-side windshield of your vehicle (right side if sitting inside your vehicle).
  12. If you haven’t received your parking decal by the date listed on your temporary permit, contact UMPD. Note* Residential students will need to wait until they move onto campus to receive their decal since it will be mailed to their UM mailbox in Farmer
  13. The temporary permit is valid from the moment you register your vehicle until Sept. 2. After Sept. 2, the temporary permit is only valid for 14 days from the date you register your
  14. Any vehicle that parks on University property must have a UM Parking

Disabled Parking Permit Registration — Faculty/staff and students who have state disabled parking placards or license plates must have University-issued disabled parking permits to park in Blue Zone parking spaces. In order to be issued a blue UM disabled parking permit, you must purchase your UM parking permit and turn it in to the Disability Support Services Office (located in Main Hall) along with a receipt or registration for your state placard/license plate.

Temporary Parking Permits are for short-term use in the event that your University-registered vehicle is being repaired or if your parking permit is temporarily misplaced or forgotten. These may be obtained at UM Police Dispatch Office, located in the Physical Plant, 24-7. Guests must also register their vehicle through the UM Police Dispatch office to receive a Temporary Permit.

Other Responsibilities of Registrants — The person to whom the parking permit is registered will be responsible for any violations pertaining to that parking permit, regardless of who is operating or owns the vehicle. Replacement of lost, stolen, or destroyed parking permits will be at the expense of the registrant for $35.

Student Permit Placement — Upon registration, commuter and resident student drivers will be issued a decal (sticker) parking permit. These parking permits are to be affixed to the inside front windshield, on the lower passenger side. Decal permits should not be taped but properly attached to the windshield, in full view from the front of your vehicle. Failure to comply may result in parking privileges being revoked.

 Campus Parking Zones — Responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the operator of each vehicle. The lack of parking spaces in a certain area or inclement weather is not a valid excuse for violation of University parking regulations. By matching the color of the parking permit with the color of the parking space (see list below), surface striping or signs in the parking areas, drivers will ensure adequate parking for all and avoid receiving tickets for parking in unauthorized areas. 20-minute parking spaces on campus are enforced 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Parking Zone Colors & Permit Types
RED zone — Commuter students
GREEN zone — Residence hall students
WHITE zone — Faculty/staff
BLUE zone — Persons with disabilities
YELLOW zone — Overflow/all permits (parking spaces only, not curbs)

For questions regarding UM parking permits or parking regulations, please call the UM Police Department at 205-665-6155 or visit montevallo.edu/public-safety.

Resources for Student Success

Greetings to our UM family! Whether you are the parent of a senior or a newly minted freshman, there is a certain amount of excitement that comes with the start of each new semester. This is the year that your student can make a new start or can continue to make great strides toward the career they seek. The University of Montevallo is dedicated to providing the support that will help your student succeed, and more information about this support is outlined below. We hope you remember these services when your student expresses a need during the semester. Unless otherwise noted, departments are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. More information can be found at montevallo.edu.

Career Development Center — The Career Development Center provides help with job search skills or choosing a major. Career services include career assessments and employability skills training, information regarding full- and part-time jobs, information about on-campus interviews, internships, graduate school, career events and seminars on various career-related topics. Visit montevallo.edu/career-development-center for more information.

Counseling Services — Students deal with a variety of issues when making the transition to college, and sometimes need the help of a counselor. By appointment, our staff provides counseling services including mental health screening and evaluation/assessment, as well as short-term personal, group and crisis intervention counseling. Referrals will be made for students with needs that fall outside the scope of our department’s practice. For more information, visit montevallo.edu/counseling-services.

Disability Support Services — Students with physical, emotional and learning disabilities can work with the department of Disability Support Services to arrange accommodations. A variety of accommodations and services are available through DSS. Please contact the DSS office in order to make arrangements for documented needs. If your student has an injury that requires accommodations during the semester, you can contact DSS to help arrange for temporary parking and other types of accommodations. For more information, visit montevallo.edu/disability-support-services.

Harbert Writing Center — The HWC offers free consultation services to writers at all stages of the writing process. HWC writing consultants are trained to assist members of the University of Montevallo community with writing projects across the curriculum. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit montevallo.edu/harbert-writing-center.

Housing and Residence Life —The University of Montevallo residence halls offer students an opportunity to share a spirit of community that enriches their collegiate experience. Research shows that living on campus during the freshman year is a positive factor in student success. For more information, visit montevallo.edu/housing.

Learning Enrichment Center — The LEC supports academic success by providing free services including individual and group tutoring, group study and academic needs assessment. Please call 205-665-6113 or visit montevallo.edu/learning-enrichment-center for more information.

Public Safety — The UM Police Department is responsible for maintaining campus security and providing a safe environment for campus life. The department provides the University with a full-service public safety agency that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department encourages prompt reporting of all crimes and suspicious activity to the UMPD. Please feel free to contact the UM Police Department at 205-665-6155 with any questions about services it provides.

Student Health Services — Where does your student go when they are sick at school? Student Health Services provides direct, basic care and health assessments to students and serves as a referral source for students needing care beyond that available on campus. Most services are covered by the undergraduate health fee. For more information, visit montevallo.edu/student-health-services.

Student Life — Getting involved in extracurricular activities is one way your student can expand his or her academic experience beyond the classroom. With over 90 student organizations to choose from, there is something for everyone. For more information, visit montevallo.edu/student-life.

What Parents Need to Know About Drugs and Alcohol

On average, for the past several years, less than 5% of UM’s students have found themselves in violation of student conduct policies. A large majority of those violations involved first-year students who had either violated the underage drinking policy or had violated other alcohol or drug codes. Below are some facts and tips for you to consider before discussing the issue with your son or daughter prior to his/her arrival on campus this fall.
• Many of the violations for first-year students occur in the first six weeks of school. Make sure that you stay in close contact with your student during this crucial period. Ask if he/she is attending class, monitor their moods and inquire about roommate issues.
• Make sure your student understands that he/she may go through a period of adjustment, missing friends and family from home.
• Alcohol can interfere with your student’s adjustment to and success at college. According to collegedrinkingprevention.gov, about 1 in 4 college students report academic consequences from drinking, including missing class, falling behind in class, doing poorly on exams and papers and receiving lower grades overall.
• Underage drinking, public intoxication and drug use is against the law, and as such, can lead to an arrest. As a University of Montevallo student, underage drinking and drug use is also against the Student Code of Conduct and can lead to charges being filed by the director of student conduct even if an arrest occurs off campus.
• Have your student read the entire Student Code of Conduct. This can be found at montevallo.edu/student-handbook.
• Living in a residence hall is a privilege that can be lost. Students can lose the privilege of living in a residence hall if they have repeated drug or alcohol violations. See the Housing Handbook for more information.
• Make sure your student knows that parents/legal guardians of students under 21 years of age are notified by letter of all alcohol or drug violations.
• Explain that alcohol and drug use can greatly increase vulnerability to date rape, violence and academic failure. (collegedrinkingprevention.gov)
• Watch for signs of possible drug and alcohol use (e.g. difficulty reaching student to talk, unwillingness to talk about friends and activities, lower grades than you would expect).
• If you think your student may be having a problem with drugs or alcohol, encourage him/her to seek help. The departments of Counseling Services and Student Health Services may be good places to start.
• The University requires students to complete “Consent & Respect,” an online interactive module, before arriving in the fall. “Consent & Respect” covers substance abuse issues along with information that helps the University of Montevallo meet federally mandated guidelines given in the Violence Against Women Act. Once students have registered for classes, they will be sent the invitation to start the training.

We want your son or daughter to be successful. Staying involved in your student’s life is one way you can help to make this happen.

Important Dates to Remember

Aug. 20: New Student Move-In Day
Aug. 21-22: Returning students move in
Aug. 23: Classes begin/late registration/payment deadline for fall semester
Aug. 23-27: Drop/add period for all classes
Aug. 25-Sept.10: Room Change Days for residence halls
Aug. 27: Last day for refund for dropped course(s)/Last day to change meal plan
Sept. 6: Labor Day holiday (University closed)
Oct. 14: Founders’ Day
Oct. 11: Mid-Semester Week begins
Oct. 26: Last day for course or semester withdrawal (all students)
Nov. 1: Pre-registration for spring and summer semesters begins for currently enrolled graduate students
Nov. 3: Pre-registration for spring and summer semesters begins for currently enrolled undergraduate students (according to classification)
Nov. 27: 8 a.m. — Residence halls close for Thanksgiving (except Brooke Hall, Lund Hall and Peck Hall)
Nov. 24-26: Thanksgiving holidays (University closed)
Nov. 28: Residence halls re-open at 2 p.m.
Nov. 29: Classes resume
Dec. 6-10: Final exams
Dec. 10: UM Commencement/residence halls close for Winter Break at 5 p.m. (7 p.m. for graduates)
Dec. 18-Jan. 3: Winter holidays (University closed)
Jan. 7: 8 a.m. — Residence halls open for spring semester
Jan. 10: Classes begin for spring semester