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Campus Directory

Adam Christopher Agee

  • Title (Temporary) Instructor, Motorcycle Safety, Moving Traffic Fund
  • Location Traffic Safety Center
  • Email
  • Phone 6656740

Adam M Huddleston

  • Title Upward Bound Master Tutor, TRIO Upward Bound 1
  • Location Upward Bound
  • Phone 6656268

Alesia Michelle Griffen

Alexander Joseph Beringer

Alfred Bruce Kojima

Alina Olteanu

Almir Smajic

  • Title Associate Professor, Elementary Education, Teaching, Leadership and Technology
  • Location Wills Hall
  • Email
  • Phone 6656355

Alvin Centrell Taylor

Alyssa Miranda Luna Green

  • Title Digital Marketing Manager, University Marketing&Communications
  • Location Peterson House
  • Email
  • Phone 6656241

Amanda Anderson Brown