December 5, 2019

Student spotlight: Danielle Lindsay 

University of Montevallo junior Danielle Lindsay has dreams of one day working in the political realm, and her time at UM is providing the perfect foundation for her future. 

Danielle Lindsay

Danielle Lindsay

Fresh off an internship in the Office of Correspondents in the White House, Lindsay is ready to put the practical experience she has gained at Montevallo to work after she graduates.  

It was great to get that firsthand experience at such a high level. Being in the West Wing was so surreal,” Lindsay said of her internship, which tasked her with communicating White House policies directly to constituents.  

Lindsay specifically would like to work in campaign finance, and is earning a bachelor’s degree in finance with minors in management information systems and Spanish.  

As a member of the UM women’s lacrosse team, Lindsay said the program has benefited her both on and off the field.  

“Being a part of a team really helps prepare me for the professional world,” said Lindsay, who has also served as president of Young Americans for Liberty, Vice President of Turning Point USA and fundraising chair for the Phi Chi Theta business fraternity. She is also involved with College Republicans and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

For Lindsay, no other university could match the close-knit family feel present on the UM campus.  

Seeing how well everyone knew each other and seeing the great environment on campus really impressed me. I visited a few other schools, and I just didn’t feel that sense of community,” she said. “Being at a small school has been really important to me, and has helped me make a lot of connections. I wouldn’t be as academically successful if it weren’t for all the faculty members at Montevallo. I’ve had a ton of support from everyone.