November 16, 2017

UM Honors Who's Who

Students at UM selected for Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges® are juniors and seniors that demonstrate exceptional leadership and scholarly ability through participation in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to Montevallo.  

Founded by Henry Pettus Randall Jr. In 1934, Who’s Who Among Students is a collegiate honors program that strives to celebrate student achievement regardless of financial ability.   

Each year, selections to the organization are made by individual schools’ committees comprised of representatives from the faculty, administration and student body. According to the program’s website, selection is determined by one’s ability to “enhance the positive image of the American students through their contributions to community and school.” 

“It should always be remembered that college students are the reservoir from which our nation draws its leadership strength. This feeling about American students is the guiding principle behind the Who’s Who Among Students program and our efforts to proudly continue to aid campuses in honoring students who demonstrate consistent excellence.” 

The following students were honored at Who’s Who Among Students:

Morgan Alford – Psychology

Justin Barrick – Biology and Biocheimstry

Hollie Brown – Elementary Education

Haley Campbell – Speech-Language Pathology

Lillian Elmore – Political Science

Jamie Haas – Communication Studies

Reggie Holifield – Chemistry

Aryne Hudson – English

Tyler Jones – Music Education

Simone Maxwell – Finance

Jonathan Mendoza – Communication Studies

David Pohler – Musical Theatre

Jameson Pressley – History

Katherine Sanders – FCS Education

Sara Elizabeth Shirley – Elementary Education-Collaborative

Sara Taylor – Elementary Education-Collaborative

Nina Katelyn Tunnell – Music

Colton Vaughn – History

Jessica Webb – Art

Mollie Wyatt – Communication Studies

Meng (Dennis) Yang – Music Education

Anna Zahumensky – Retail Merchandising