April 9, 2020

University of Montevallo adding minor in peace and justice studies

A new minor being offered at the University of Montevallo beginning in fall 2020 will examine the causes and consequences of economic disparity, institutionalized inequality and strategies for building peace and resolving conflicts.

The peace and justice studies minor will build on the University’s long history of working toward gender equality and inclusivity to equip students to have an impact in their communities.

Through the 18-class-credit minor, students will explore community issues within global contexts to critically analyze race, gender and class relations. Students will have access to spaces for experiential education and community partnerships as well as scholarly engagement to learn the history of and techniques for conflict resolution, mediation, social change and critical thinking.

The minor will enhance students’ major field of study and prepare them to become negotiators, community mediators, government officials, educators, businesspeople, organizers and professionals in organizations focused on human rights, dispute resolution, environmental protection, international law and human and economic development.

The peace and justice studies program has already seen successful collaborations with other departments on campus. During the fall 2019 semester, the program collaborated with Professor of Art Min Lee’s graphic design-symbology class to design the peace and justice studies logo.

DeAndra Hodge showcases her winning design for the peace and justice studies program through a project in Min Lee’s graphic design-symbology class.

Over the course of the semester, student-designers assessed client needs, pitched initial mock-ups, and presented final designs for the logo. The winning student-designer was DeAndra Hodge ’19, and she was awarded $250 through grant funds for her logo.

To learn more about the peace and justice studies minor, visit Montevallo.edu/peace-and-justice-studies.