What is the format of the visit?

The on-site visit will be virtual. In order to provide our visiting committee the feeling of campus hospitality as much as is possible there will be one central Zoom link for all meetings and that link will be hosted by Carolyn Jones. She will greet everyone as they enter the Zoom and University attendees will be put into breakout rooms for individual meetings.

University attendees will arrive 10 minutes early to meetings to allow time for breakout room assignments and to accommodate the visiting Committee’s tendency to run early or late.

Committee members will then be “escorted” into breakout rooms for meetings by Carolyn as they “arrive” from other meetings.

  • The OSC visit will be virtual via Zoom and will occur 4/5-4/8.
  • All UM hosted meetings will occur using a single Zoom link hosted by UM’s Carolyn Jones.
  • Break out rooms will be used for all concurrent meetings.
  • The Zoom link will be provided to attendees.
  • University attendees are asked to log in to the Zoom link 10 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time so that Carolyn Jones will have time to organize the breakout rooms
  • A trial run will occur one week prior on 3/29-4/1.

Further questions about the format of the visit? Contact Dr. Kristen Gilbert